How to increase followers in Quora (2023)

Hello friends I am Satya Today we will discuss about how to make up or get more followers on Quora Account.

What is Quora ?

Quora is a digital platform that allows to many Users to ask Questions and also allows to many users to read their answers.

It is totally different from other digital platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn etc . Because of other social media that relates to provide user personal talk,think , photo post , reels and opinions to one another but Quora isn’t supported to any reel or any personal Photo to joy and fun . It is totally work on Information about science,art , technology, database,fact, digital magazine and more by the help of many blogger, app developer and website’s owner.

How to Join Quora platform?

Go to the official website of and click to create a space and give the information that Quora beg to you and make your account with your interest platform or subject like Digital Marketing, YouTube info, WordPress info, Science fact, Maths Q&A.

  • Increase followers on Quora

How Increase followers on Quora Account (New)

Fast of all you must have a good space on Quora that is unique topic And second is you need your own website with good content.

i) connect your website with your space

ii) Write many question’s answers with simple way

iii) follow all other space those are related to your space and responce others platforms questions and answers and make own mind questions about your topic and send request to other space or person for different opinions.

iv) After all works out never miss to share your social media platforms .

v) If you join the Pinterest platform you will get more traffic as well as more followers.

Best way to get more traffic on Quora and website

if you want to get more traffic you must be write powerful content and join many social media platforms like Pinterest ans Facebook group and Quora space to start conversation with other space.

Earnings system of Quora space:

Quora operates primarily as a question-and-answer platform, and does not have a traditional earnings system for its users. However, there are a few ways that users can indirectly earn money through their activity on the site:

  1. Sponsored Content: Quora offers brands the opportunity to sponsor answers, which allows them to promote their products or services to a wider audience. If a user’s answer is selected to be sponsored, they can earn money from the sponsorship.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Users can include affiliate links in their answers, which can earn them commission if someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase.
  3. Advertising: Some users create their own blogs or websites and use Quora to drive traffic to them, which can then be monetized through advertising.

Please note that Quora has policies in place regarding sponsored content and affiliate marketing, and it is important to follow these policies in order to avoid having your account suspended or terminated.

History of Quora:

Quora was founded in June 2009 by two former Facebook employees, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

The company was launched as a question-and-answer platform designed to leverage the knowledge of knowledgeable people in various fields.

The idea was to create a platform where users could ask questions and receive high-quality answers from experts in a variety of fields.In its early years, Quora grew quickly, attracting users from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

By 2011, the company had raised $11 million in funding, and it continued to attract investment over the next few years.

Over time, Quora has evolved to include features such as discussion boards, the ability to follow specific topics, and the ability to upvote or downvote answers.

The platform has also expanded beyond its original focus on answering questions, and now includes a range of content types, including blog posts, opinion pieces, and more.

Today, Quora is one of the largest question-and-answer platforms in the world, with millions of users and a wide range of topics covered.

The company remains committed to its original mission of providing a place for people to share their knowledge and learn from others.

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Which is best for more website traffic Quora or Pinterest:

It depends on your website and the type of audience you are trying to reach.

Quora is a platform that allows users to ask questions and receive answers from a community of knowledgeable users. If your website is in a niche that is conducive to answering questions, such as personal finance or travel, Quora can be an effective platform for driving traffic to your website. You can provide answers to relevant questions, and if your responses are helpful, other users may follow the link to your website to learn more.

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking platform that is primarily used for finding and saving creative ideas. If your website is focused on visual content, such as fashion, home decor, or food, then Pinterest can be a great platform for driving traffic to your website. You can create boards that showcase your content and use keywords to make it easy for users to find your boards and your website.

In conclusion, the best platform for driving traffic to your website will depend on your niche and the type of content you offer. Both Quora and Pinterest can be effective for driving traffic, but it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform in order to determine which one is the best fit for your website.

Which Ads accounts is best Quora or Google ads:

Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is the largest online advertising platform, and it offers a range of advertising options including search ads, display ads, video ads, and shopping ads. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, Google Ads can be a powerful tool, as it allows you to reach a large and diverse audience through a variety of channels.

Quora Ads, on the other hand, is a relatively new platform for running ads and is focused on driving engagement and conversions through sponsored content. Quora Ads allows you to target users based on their interests, and it provides a platform for delivering content that is designed to be informative and helpful, rather than promotional. This can be an effective approach if your goal is to build brand awareness and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

In conclusion, both Google Ads and Quora Ads have their strengths and weaknesses, and the best platform for your business will depend on your advertising goals, target audience, and budget. It may be beneficial to consider running ads on both platforms, or to experiment with different platforms to see which one provides the best results for your business.


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