Shakuntala story by Kalidas

This is a love story in between Puru kingdom’s King “Dushyant” and a simple girl ” sakuntala” .

Once upon a time Puru kingdom’s King Dushyant and his friends are went to Jungle for haunting. They entered to a jungle and enjoying themselves . Some time lettered they were distributed in many ways and getting late to returned.

King Dushyant thought , Saint karna’s cottage near by this forest, and he went to meet Saint karna. But when reached, and called “Saint karna”,”Saint karna” …. But no replyed yet inside the cottage. Some time lettred king Dushyant waited,And a girl came inside the cottage, her age approximately 16 to 17, she looks so pretty and fabulous as a Goddess daughter.

When king looked her, he fall in loved….

And she first started conversation with king :

she: Who are you?

He: I am King Dushyant from Hastinapur. And you ?

She : oho, by the way my name is Sakuntala. And my father went to pilgrimage for some day and he will return to late .

He: ok, When your father will come , tell him about me , i was coming…… (And king thought, but Saint karna was Saint… he didn’t marriage ….)

She: Actually, I am the daughter of Saint Viswamitra and Minaka . When I was born my mother went to Haven and a bird ‘sakunt’ saved me and gave Saint karna… And Saint karna called me Shakuntala.

He: Oooo no… that means you are a Warrior Dynasty’girl, that’s why you are looking so bravery and intelligent, And if you don’t mind… I want to marriage you.

She: But …. My father not present here… I can’t decide without any permission….. (Sakuntala felt in love)

Both are talked much time and night get more dark in the cottage.

next day’s morning ,

King said , ok you will tell your father about me and you must present my proposal in front of your father and king give a ring to sakuntala for love .

Some days later, A angry Saint “Durbasa” came to cottage for meet Saint karna and he called “Saint karna” “Saint karna” … But no reply yet inside the cottage but door is opened….. Saint was waiting… When sakuntala came outside with distrub mind … When Saint karna asked to her for about her father… But sakuntala didn’t respond… Given a small smiley face….. Saint Durbasa know automatically about sakuntala getting loved… Suddenly the angry Saint said ,i give a curse a “your partner can’t remember you and your love”.

When Sakuntala listen it she started cried and give pardon….. Saint getting abnormal and said ok I will never return my curse but i can give a bless when you show your proof in front of your partner my curse never be work.

Next day Saint karna return his cottage, sakuntala told her love matter . And Saint karna agreed with her and give permission to go to King

coming soon…

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